Bathing Your Bulldog

Most dog owners know how stinky their dog can get – now times that by 10. Yes, English Bulldogs can stink and they can stink badly. That’s because they have so much stink and much of what the breed is known for are those wrinkles. Yes, they are adorable, but they also what make this

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How To Clicker Train Your English Bulldog

Clicker Training Your Dog If you have actually been dissatisfied with your canine training results up until now then clicker pet dog training might simply be the response you have actually been trying to find. Remote control training is among the most reliable pet training techniques. It takes little time to master and can teach

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Why Train Your Bulldog?

Why Do I Need To Train My Bulldog? Obedience training is among the most crucial elements of raising an English Bulldog. In truth, a well qualified bulldog is without a doubt a better, happier pet! Why? Since a canine needs less constraints. The more dependable the pet dog, the more flexibility he is provided. For

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