Bathing Your Bulldog

Most dog owners know how stinky their dog can get – now times that by 10. Yes, English Bulldogs can stink and they can stink badly. That’s because they have so much stink and much of what the breed is known for are those wrinkles. Yes, they are adorable, but they also what make this breed of dog such high maintenance. Those folds need to be kept clean and clear of debris on a regular basis. Otherwise, your dog can have some major health problems starting with different types of skin infections, fungus, hot spots, and more. Some common things i recommend checking out for your English Bulldog are listed below.

And remember to not only bathe your dog regularly, but to also make sure you dry them completely – including getting into those folds around their eyes, nose, necks, and not to forget their tail! I made the mistake of not realizing that their trail can cork up into the inside; which is how my English Bulldog’s tail was. My poor guy would rub his butt on the carpet because it itched so badly. I took him to a local veterinarian in Lockport and realized that he had a yeast infection on the inside of his tail. They recommend that I amputate a small portion of his tail that was causing him to have these reoccurring tail infections. So I did, and luckily he never had that problem again. It clearly relived him of some major discomfort.

  • Check the ingredients to the food you’re feeding
  • Try using a tea tree oil dog shampoo
  • Clean folds with a clean, dry towel
  • Consult with a local groomer for help or recommendations
  • Clean dog bedding regularly
  • Use stainless steel dog dishes instead of plastic ones
  • Clean dog dishes regularly including water dish

Dogs are much happier when they are clean and healthy. Nobody likes to be in pain or uncomfortable and neither do our dogs especially when you own a high maintance breed like these big loves!