How We Got Started

Our love for English Bulldogs began back in 2000 when our neighbor had a last minute change of heart and decided that they no longer wanted the English Bulldog puppy that they had just purchased the night before. Up until that point, we didn't even know what an English Bulldog was, but as soon as we saw him - we immediately fell head over heels in love with this fat, little snorty bulldog that was in front of us. From that point on - WE WERE HOOKED. We loved everything about the breed - well...mostly (other than the cost of caring for one!) 🙂 Our love for them grew as we went through the growing pains of owning such a bratty, tenacious breed of dog. He tested our patience and of course - in TRUE bulldog fashion - he tested our boundaries and rules. We stuck to them though and because of doing so we ended up with the most loving, well-behaved, and balanced English Bulldog one could ever want. On December 1, 2016 we lost our sweet old man. So in memory of him - this is dedicated to him. To share the wonderful memories, knowledge, and experience it was to have him. He was the best to us and for us. We miss him everyday, but know he's in a better place now across The Rainbow Bridge. We miss you sweet boy! XoXoXo