Love-A-Bull Bulldogs

If you're like us then you LOVE the English Bulldog breed as much as we do. Most have heard the saying "So ugly they're cute", which is true, but for us bully lovers its so much more than that. This breed is truly unique and have such huge personalities that are unlike any other breed. Whether it's their super loud snoring, the fact they they blow snot everywhere, or just their corky personalities - we can't help but fall in love with them. So that is what this blog is dedicated to - the love of the breed! We hope to share some beautiful pictures, tips, articles, help, and breed info on this truly special breed! Ours have meant the world to us, and we're blessed to be able to share all of our knowledge and experience with you! As you know English Bulldogs can be genetic messes (as you probably already know or have read); in which case knowing all the little tips and tricks can potentially help lower your veterinarian bills!